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WOW this isn't an active board, or is nobody using STP?


I'm trying to do a 5.1 sound post mix in Soundtrack Pro.  I must be missing a step.  I've got my tracks loaded (from FCP), I'm using the surround faders to designate where the tracks go.  But I don't see anything the allows me to select where these 6 tracks (actually 5, I haven't even dealt with the .1 mix yet) go.  I have a Diamond USB 7.1 output box.  I've installed its software, and have selected the speakers sets as instructed.  In STP, the instructions don't seem to match the product.  It says to choose surround from the Output pop up menu under Tracks.  There is no "Output" pop up menu.  There is a monitor menu, and I have selected my USB surround sound device in that.  I'm still just getting stereo out.


Also, when (if?) I'm done, as I understand this, I'm going to have 6 tracks to export and sync to video.  How do we get them out of STP, and how do we unify them back to video? 


I certainly don't want to use the proxy video in STP as my master.  We are also doing a color corection pass on the locked video we are using to make the proxy, so its not even done yet.

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)