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Hi Guys,


I noticed recentley that when I create a new alarm on my phone, if i am not connected to wifi I get this message attached.


Photo 25-02-2013 07 54 00.png


My freinds I phone 5 does not do this at all, and mine certainly never used to do this.

My phone is not jailbroken and Ive had it for just over a year, can someone help??


If it is trying to sync to my icloud i understand but i am pretty sure its not meant to be.


Thank you!



iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1.2
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    There are no viruses affecting iOS. Is the sound source you are

    trying to use on your iPhone? Or is it located elsewhere (iCloud,

    perhaps); if the source is not on your iPhone but has to be downloaded

    to the iPhone, the error message is letting you know you might

    have to pay a charge for the download.

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    You were right lol!

    Ignore my last comment, ironiclly i didn't sync over that one track, the comment is a bit vague though that pop's up