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I followed the instructions on loading in another folder of music but iTunes is not loading it... any ideas?  I'm a numpty... just FYI.

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Solved by the fiend on Feb 26, 2013 8:04 AM Solved

Turn on the top menu bar using CTRL+B.

Then on that newly restored top bar menu, use File/Add Folder to Library.

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    - What I desire to know is the format of the music being imported / loaded (wav, mp3, mp4, avi or etc.) At the link below, I find it that all formats aren't supported so to be sure check to see if the music format(s) is supported.




    - Now, if your music is not in a supported format according to the link above, what you should do is import the media in another format, and the link below should assist on one of the ways to saving a song in itunes in a different format.




    - Another cause could be that if the music already exist in the library and is in fact an exact duplicate from the exact folder in which it was imported in from, the library will fail to import it again. Assumably, this isn't your situation, because if it is, that will only mean your media is already imported but displaying itself as unknown. If you come to find out that this is the case be sure to follow the link below to properly edit your media.





    ~ Rashee

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    The music is definitely in the right format because I've had it all in the library and on the iPhone previously.  This is a new computer where I've had to reinstall iTunes.


    I've just played around and found that I've been able to import individual songs (files) one at a time or in a group from a folder but why can't I simply import a whole folder with my 1000+ songs?


    Hope you can help.

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    Turn on the top menu bar using CTRL+B.

    Then on that newly restored top bar menu, use File/Add Folder to Library.

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    Fantastic.  Thanks so much.  All fixed.

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    I have the same problem, but the fiend's solution isn't working for me.  New mac user, old PC music files are saved on the mac.  The add library works for some files, but it skips others.  Adding individual folders or individual songs doesn't work.  No errors - nothing.  All files are wma files.  It just ignores me.  (Yelling at it doesn't work either.)