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I'm sorry to ask, I have searched the forums forever and this is starting to effect my work. I am running Mountain Lion on an iMac at work. It is connected both via Ethernet CAT6 to a switch and wifi to an airport express. I continually get slow loading web pages or they don't load at all until I hit refresh. When I boot into Windows 7 the problem is gone. When I try Firefox in OSX it has the same problem as Safari.


I'm not sure if there is a server problem at my company, I am an administrator, although I don't know too much about Windows Server RC8.


I'm sure I'm missing some vital information here, if any more info is needed please let me know. My title as the office Mac Geek is on the line.....

iMac (27-inch Mid 2010), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    Safari  Pages load slow or not at all



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    I disabled pre-fetching, I'll see how that goes. Thanks.

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    Well a day later and a reboot and again the same problem. It seems like it works fine for a while then stops loading pages, then after a 30 minutes or so goes back to normal.


    Does the pre-fetch disable have to be run everytime you boot?

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    I had the same problem with safari.  Pages would either load very slowly or hang until I highlighted the url and pressed enter.  I tried to disable pre-fetching but that did not work.  I finally found a solution that works!  I downloaded Google Chrome and it solved my problem.

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    I thought Google Chrome had fixed my problem, but started acting up a few days later too.  The below has solved my Safari hanging when loading web pages and eliminated my finding the wifi on boot up.  It has been a month now and waiting a minute always works for connecting to my airport extreme on boot.  I was cleaning behind my desk and realized that the ethernet cable was still attached to the back of the iMac even though I had moved the airport upstairs.  I disconnected it.  I also opened network preferences.  The wifi was moved a long time ago to the top for priority, but the inactive ethernet and firewire were still listed.  I removed both the ethernet and firewire so the only connection listed is wifi.  My computer has now reliabily found the internet for the last 3 weeks without waiting.  It appears that having the other two options disrupts the connection process on boot.  It also must cause the computer to continue trying to use the connection when using Safari.