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Hardware: 2010 MacbookPro 2.4 GHz Intel Core i5

RAM: 4 GB 1067 MHz DDR3

OS: 10.6.8


Yesterday I updated some software using the Software Update.( including JAVA Update 13) My computer installed and restarted normally.


The problem I noticed was that my computer now starts getting really hot with minimal CPU load. I have downloaded and installed programs like SMCFan Control and iStat to get an idea what the temperatures are. The consistantly hottest portion of my computer is the CPU.


I first noticed that upon starting SMC that I was running at 75 degrees C! This was with nominal 2000rpm fan settings. My CPU load at that time was 6-10%


After letting the computer cool down overnight, this morning it started at about 33 C. I opened Mail, as my usual routine and suddenly my computer was jumping to 60C in less than 5 minutes even with the fan at 4400 rpm...


Upon further experimentation, Chrome causes my computer to run at 45C with 4400 rpm fan settings, and nominal 10% CPU usage, but 55C at 2000 rpm fan settings.


If I add Mail to this, by CPU load jumps to 25% and core temp to over 65C.


To put these temperatures into perspective, my normal gameplay, COD4 running at highest graphics settings, will only get my tempterature to around 70 C, with normal operation (mail, safari or chrome, itunes, and Word 2011 all running simultaniously) i will be at 40-45C


My battery life has jumped from 5 hours on Friday, to less than 2 hours today on normal fan settings. If I ramp up the fanspeed to 4400 rpm on battery I can get about 3 hours.



What I do NOT think it is:


While I have not cleaned the fans or anything, heating has never been a problem at normal operating conditions.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)