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There seems to be no way to remove Vibrant Ads from website, or at least I haven't found out how.


Recently I noticed them appear on MY websites (personal and business).


So here's my question.....


They are posting an advertisement on my personal or business website without my permission.

They aren't paying for the space, I'm not getting a cut.


Pretty sure this is violation - can you say "Class-Action Lawsuit"?


Is there one already happening?

Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    Linc....that's a lot of work for something that shouldn't be on my website in the first place.


    Ok, so it's possible to remove.


    BIGGER QUESTION - I don't think legally they have the right to be on my website.


    I can't set up a sign in your yard without your persmission.  I can't post something on your house, car, body, etc., without your permission.


    Those websites are mine.  They have a specific address which I pay for.  Arguably, it could be considered "Intellectual Property" as they website is a design of which I created.


    ** Some websites have banner advertisements as a part of their agreement with the hosting company - we are not talking about that. We are talking about a company "Vibrant Media" who has ILLEGALLY posted advertisement on personally and business websites without prior approval or permission and without compensation. **

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    You may find the agreement with the company hosting your website allows them a great deal of latitude to mangle it as they see fit.


    I agree with you, to the point that I avoid directing people to websites that accept advertisements from companies that I do not like. If they lose business, that's their problem. They ought to know who is advertising on their site - ignorance is no defense.


    Similarly, it is reasonable to hold you directly responsible for the advertisements that appear on your work, whether or not your agreement is directly with the advertisers or not. Good luck with your suit, but I believe you will not only find that you already agreed to what they are doing, you also indemnified the hosting company against any actions that may arise from people acting on the advertisements that they provide.


    Hosting companies will change such Agreements only when it becomes too uncomfortable for them not to. Make it so.

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    What I'm suggesting is that the ads are not on your website, but are being injected into your browser by something you installed. You haven't posted anything to the contrary.