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Hi everyone,


I've had my iPhone 4 (AT&T) for almost 2 years now so the battery life is rather terrible and I decided to replace the battery. I ordered a battery from PhonePartsUSA and followed the instructions on ifixit. I had some minor issues with the tiny contact piece, but once I wiped it down with ethanol, it was seemingly fine. When I plugged it in I saw the charging/lightening bolt icon in the upper right with an increasing percent. When it reached 100%, I unplugged it from my wall charger. The issue now is that after 1-2 minutes of use on battery (browsing internet on WiFi), my iPhone turns off by itself.


Also, when I plug it in to my laptop via USB, iTunes does recognize it.


I would like to self-repair, if possible, and was hoping someone here could point me in a direction (software, hardware, etc).


Thanks in advance!

iPhone 4, iOS 6.1.2
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    Sorry but Apple does not support devices that have been tampered with

    including self help

    Good luck and try Google 

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    Self repair or a competent 3rd party repair shop are your only options now. Apple won't touch it.


    ifixit is the best resource out there that I'm aware of for hardware teardowns and repairs of the iPhone. It is not considered user serviceable by Apple, and having opened it and replaced the battery yourself, it is no longer eligible either for battery replacement by Apple, or an out of warranty replacement.