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My Iphone 3G got wet from the top (sim side) till 1 inch. Now the iphone only works fine when connected to itunes. When I take out the cable, it switches off in a minute and then starts to reboot but gets stuck at apple logo and reboots again...and so on..


Now if I reconnect the cable, it boots normally and again starts to function normally. I am teethering internet from it, making calls and everything.


Also, now nothing happens when I press the top silver button even when connected to cable. It has stopped responding.


I have already restored the iphone using Itunes to the latest firmware and itunes displays the message that iphone is successfully activated too after finishing the restoration. (my iphone is apple unlocked version and can work with any sim)


Any support on how to resolve is really appreciated from this forum. I hope to get some answers.

Thanks much!!!



iPhone 3G, iOS 4.2
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    Turn it off. Immediately.


    Put it in a bag of uncooked rice or silica gel and set it aside to let it dry. LEAVE IT THERE for at least a week. DO NOT attempt to turn it on.


    It may already be too late to save it.


    If it doesn't work after letting it dry, make an appointment at the genius bar and pay for an out of warranty replacement.