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Hi there


Just installed compressor hoping for efficient compressing of large HD files.  To the point when I 'submit' the program begins and shows 23 minutes left in the render. An hour later it is 3 hours left and a day later it is 48 hours for estimated completion. Not sure what is happening here. Help please!

Final Cut Pro X
  • Russ H Level 7 (20,285 points)

    What format are these files you're bringing into Compressor and what knid of encoding jobs are you trying to do?



  • Warwick Teale Level 3 (580 points)

    HI Duane, in addition to Russ's Q's, .. .. do you have FRAME CONTROLS = ON by default (an old chest nut) in the settings you are using for the distribution you are transcoding? Check in the compressor.app job's inspector. Turn FRAME CONTROLS = OFF prior to submitting the job if you dont need to use this faciity. A lot of punters seem to have had FRAME CONTROLS = ON in  some of the Aplpe Compressor default settings. FRame Controls amongst other things helps smoothing (optical flow??) however it relies on extremely heavy utlisation of CPU and make for very very (very very) long elapsed times for transcoding jobs Adjust to taste I s'pose.



    1. flush (terminate the currnet batch job). (if you have grief, just stop QMaster, delete all teh files in ~/Library/Application Support/Apple Qmaster/... restart QMaster then bypass next step 2)
    2. in compressor.app application menu/compressor/Reset BackGround Processing /reset and cancel all jobs
    3. prepare your batch job again
    4. check its INPECTOR for FRAME CONTROLS = OFF
    5. submit to the cluster.


    Post your results for others to see.



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    hi warwick


    i know it is totally unrelated to the dicussion but i am trying to find a place to buy sohotank st8 u5 in hong kong.


    can you suggest any place?


    sorry again



  • Warwick Teale Level 3 (580 points)

    Hi nnaco, you can get the st8 u5 bay with 2 x mini sas connectors at :


    DV CLUB (very small shop)

    Lower Floor

    Golden computer Centre

    Sham Shui Po


    Try here first..


    I paid around $HK4300+ each for them.


    They may have them in stock but I needed to order mine and leave a deposit,


    I've bought a few for friends over the years as well for iMacs etc


    However I can get them closer to wan chai 298 or w.c.cci and 10th flr windsor house causeway bay but you may pay double for them! Definately need to order,.. Suggest cd club at sham shui Po.


    U could also call Revoit in thompson road, wan chai. Best ring them to see what they have.




    DDMS (disks are extra ofcourse).





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    thank you very much for the info.


    I was very helpless while i was trying to find it on the internet.


    thanks again Warwick.