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Ok, so I am trying to update some albums that I have on iTunes Connect. I am using iTunes Producer to do it and it has been going along rather smoothly until now. When I go to deliver the music, it says;

ERROR ITMS-5112: A <language> tag is required as a child of <package>" at (MZItmspRootPackage)

The problem is that I cannot change the language in Producer. Do I have to open a ticket on connect to solve this?


Next is the vendor ID issue. Some of you may know that iTunes used to use dashes to seperate ISRC's into sections. They changed that and updated the metadata for the ISRC and vendor ID on connect automatically. Apparently the vendor ID on the albums I have up that were created in 2006 or before were not changed on connect and this is causing me to not be able to update my songs. Basically it updated all of my ISRC's on connect but not the vendor ID's and it is causing a conflict. I cannot change the ISRC or vendor ID on Producer or Connect so am I going to have to rebuild the albums? The error message is as follows;

WARNING Error ITMS-4062: "Vendor Identifier" XX-XXX-XX-XXXXX is invalid according to the configured pattern '[a-zA-ZO-9]\wt' for provider ______" at Album/Tracks/Track (MZItmspTrackPackage)