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I left my phone at home one day & for kicks, I did the 'Find my Phone' thing w/ iCloud & it gave me a location 10+ miles from where it actually was. It has done this many times since (giving same location as before) while the phone is w/ me, even. The location it is giving is a location I have been before but only once.  According to iCloud, my phone is there quite often.  What makes this sort of thing happen & how can I fix it?

iPhone 5 - using version 6.1.2

iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.2
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    I should add that my location services are never disabled & that this happens at just random times.  It will remain in that "wrong" location for anywhere from 10 mins - an hour or 2 before reporting accurate info.  All the while, the phone often has not even moved during that time.