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Hi, guys.  this is my setup from rehearsals last week for a gig I'm involved in this week.  Because I wasn't sure how the whole MainStage setup was going to go, I brought my plank of wood I use at home which sits on the top tier of my 2-tiered keyboard stand which suppors my laptop and hard drive.  As you can see, on the top tier is the laptop with my Duet 2 on the left and my hard drive with my Kontakt and Spectrasonics sample libraries installed on it.  The rehearsals were at the venue for the gig, but we didn't have an audio engineer, so I had to bring my amp.  I took one lead out of the Duet and one lead out of my Mo'8 synth just in case the computer crashed, which wasn't the case at all.  I bought the latest version of MS from the App Store, and it ran as solid as a rock.  I have a big full-day rehearsal tomorrow, so hopefullhy, this runs just as solid then.





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    Cool photo! What kind of gig are you playing?

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    The gig is for Osunlade and Miles Bonny, 2 R&B acts from the States who are doing a one-off show here in Melbourne.  We did our first full band rehearsals with background vocalists today and it was fabulous. Once again, MainStage was rock solid.  I did have 2 leads coming out of my Mo' 8, but I never once had to use them.  What have others' experiences been with MS?  Have you ever needed to use synths as secondary sound sources just in case the computer crashes, etc.?