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My 2nd gen iPod Nano has worked like a charm for years. The minute i regretfully "upgraded" to iTunes 11, the new iTunes will no longer recognize it. I've tried a number of less than helpful threads from Apple support to no avail. They keep saying its all my fault and I need to send in my Nano for service. BS. It worked perfectly until this giant sack of excrement call iTunes 11 was installed. Can anyone help me figure out how to get my Nano back? I've since upgraded back to iTunes 10.6 but the Nano isnt showing up. I loved that Nano. I've logged thousands of running miles with it. How do I get it back?

iPod nano (2nd generation), Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    I had the same problem and read here and some other places hours of solutions that part of the worked and part didn't.

    Eventually I tried something simple and it worked for me:


    1- Go to the WI-FI icon (up at the menu bar, at the top of the screen) (-I am assuming that you don't know where it is, if you do, just go to 2- there is a triangle with bars and rounded edge. This is the WIFI icon).

    2- Click on it and then disable the WIFI connection (click on "Turn WI-FI off").

    3- Wait some seconds and turn it on again.

    4- My iPod appears in the iTunes side bar now.


    That's all I do and, as I said, it works for me.

    Hope it will work for you too.