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I"ve been a Aperture user from the beginning.


Recently I've noticed a slow down in the processing and overall speed of the program espeically importing of images.  Anyone else experiencing this issue?


No it's not my RAM got plenty thank you.... I've been working on this machine Mac Book Pro 15" for the last 2 yrs. 


My last import involved 1500 images Large jpg format and it took over 45mins!  NOT normal.  Considering I normally shoot RAW with a Nikon D800.  Huge files in comparision.


I've had a couple of Database Rebuilds which have been a new occurence as well.  Just recently started a NEW library on a new set of external G-Raid drives to hopefully CYA if this is just a symptom of something to come.


If you have any valueable feedback it would be much appreciated.




Aperture 3, Mac OS X (10.7.5), Mac Book Pro 15