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iDVD has disappeared on my new MacBook Pro, so how do I create a DVD with menus and everything?

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion
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    You can not do that - without any DVD authoring software as iDVD.


    So either

    • Treat to return Your new Mac (within 14 days) if Apple doesn't give You iDVD

    • Buy a second handed iLife'09 (pref as You then get all Themes - not so in iLife'11 - AND - after program-up-date they will be the same version anyway)

    • Buy another DVD-authoring software as Roxio Toast™ (costs a bit - contanin lot's of other things too - that was of great value to me (not so to everyone)

    • Use the free (and very simple/basic) BURN™ - as You at least can get Your Movie onto a Playable DVD


    If there is no iDVD on Your Mac (and it's not on newer Macs as Apple discarded it) then You need a program that can do this.

    Your Mac can burn CDs and DVDs - BUT DVD as Data-DVDs not as Video-DVDs - they need a program to be encoded and STRUCTURED as such.

    • iDVD is part of the boxed version of iLife'11 and can only be bought outside Apple as on Amazon and e-bay

    • DVD Studio pro - Part of FinalCut Studio Pro bundle - this to has expired and can only be bought second handed. (High price and tough learning Curve - but best ever done.)

    • Roxio Toast™ - Not as elegant as iDVD - but has many other positive additions (I like it as 10-Pro incl BD-component) (now version 11)

    • Burn - only free alternative I know of on internet. Very simple - Just for doing a plain Video-DVD

    Burn http://www.digital-digest.com/software/Burn.html

    only You can buy from Apple is

    • FinalCut Pro-X which also can burn to DVD but without any nice themes.



    You can also buy Compressor from Apple for $50 US. It will also create DVD and BluRay but without the nice themes.


    Yours Bengt W

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    Why is there no iDVD on my new Mac? How do I get and how do I install it?



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    Purchase iLife 11  (includes iDVD) on disk.


    IDVD is a wonderful piece of software and well worth the low cost of $40.






    Yes, there are other programs that will put a movie on a DVD.   I have tried most of the other substitutes including Toast, Burn, DVD Creator, Wondershare, and others.  None of them come anywhere near the ease-of-use and power of iDVD. IDVD is specifically designed to work with iMovie.