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I have been working on a small project, last night I finally got it close to completion. This morning I somehow deleted 90% of the clips from the timeline. I have searched and searched but cannot find a "versions", "restore" menu item. The undo is greyed out. How do I get back to a saved version in FCX 10.6?


The project resides on an external drive


I have a Time Machine running

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    If you open FCPx and a project, then delete the whole timeline and quit FCPx... The timeline is gone. At least I dont know of any way of getting it back... Unless you have Time Machine backing up your disk...


    If you had Time Machine backing up the disk where the project was... You would have to enter time machine and bring back i.e. the version from "yesterday" or from whenever you wish to restore from...


    If time machine did not backup that disk.. Then I am afraid that your project is lost.


    FCPx saves everything you do WHEN you do it. And if for some reason you quit before hitting undo a million times. Then the project will open in the state you left it in. And if that was with 90% of the timeline deleted, then thats the way it will open. ONLY thing NOT being stored are the undos ;-)


    FCPx's autosave can be a savior and a killer. At the same time.


    I always duplicate a project I wanna work on. For those exact reasons...

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    Time Machine runs on my desktop, the project is stored on an external drive.


    I have not quit the program since the clips were deleted from the timeline, but the 'undo' is greyed out?


    Any other options?


    I would also love to know what happened, it seems that the entire Time Line clips are deleted if I select and delete the first clip, they were not all selected, just the first one, but were they all connected to each other due to some setting? It was just an audio clip that I deleted when this happened?

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    If the undo is grayed out and you have NOT quit since you deleted the files. then you have been bit by the "Undo Killer" BUG... Basically at some point FCPx will quit recording your undos and in that process it will gray out the undo history.. Not very great but the unfortunate truth...


    In your case...


    Perhaps there is hope


    1) Before quitting FCPx

    2) In the Finder goto the Project

    3) copy CurrentVersion.fcpproject to the i.e. desktop

    4) copy the backups folder to the desktop folder as well.

    5) Quit FCPx

    6) in the orignal projects folder - move the CurrentVersion.fcpproject to the trash

    7) in the orignal projects folder - COPY (Dont MOVE) the file ....fcpproject from the backup folder into the main project folder (Where the CurrentVersion.fcpproject used to be)

    8) give it the name "CurrentVersion.fcpproject" without the quotes


    Now boot FCPx.....


    I was once able to save a project like this.... NOT saying you will. But at least it is worth a try.


    If it does not work... Then can move back the files/folders you copied to their old locations... QUIT FCPx before doing this.

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    I have been wating all day to get home from work to try this and it worked! I was completely prepared to rebuild the project, but did not have to.


    Thank you so muc for this advice and help, it really made my day



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    Now I am happy too ;-))))


    It just ***** when you "loose" a project.


    Good thing was that you did NOT quit out of FCPx ;-)))))

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    Use "backUps for FCP X" from the App store. Less than $20 ... does sequential backups of Projects and/or Events to any desination at any time interval you want ( like every 10 secs if you'd like it!!  )


    I've got it and it seems to work ....


    Then you are really covered.






    ( not a dev of the app .... )