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I have tried all of the "workarounds" that have been suggested and none of this works.


I recently got a new Mac (running 10.8.2) and I can no longer connect to my LaCie Big5 Network2 NAS as a "Registered User" via AFP.

I can connect as a guest via AFP but when I save files to the Big5 they are "Invisable"?


I can connect as a registered user via SMB, BUT when I do a lot of the files that are on the Big5 appear as Unix files and I can not work with them.


I have tried all of the suggestiuons that I found on this forum relating to entering comands in Terminal, but I may not be doing this correctly.

I have never used Terminal and I attempted to set up a "root" account, but the buttons that the instructions tell me to click on are not there?


Is there something wrong with what I am doing?

OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    The main thing is you haven't contacted LaCie tech support for assistance.

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    I have contacted LaCie, the said that because the new OS no longer uses AFP that they have no fix for this problem, an dthat there is no LaCie software update that wiull correct it. They did however offer to sell me a new NAS unit.

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    Please provide the link to these other instructions, if you please.

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    Well, I would use this procedure rather than the first one which is very convoluted, difficult to follow, and not well explained. Just my opinion.


    You don't require a root account. That is circumvented by the use of "sudo" prior to each command line in the procedures.


    Frankly, I'm assuming that the LaCie product you have now is fairly old. Maybe replacing it would make sense. Alternatively, you could look for an enclosure to replace the one you now have. Remove the drives and install them in the new enclosure. You may find suitable products at OWC.


    Out of curiosity what is your NAS used for? Are you the only user? What wouldn't you be able to do if you simply had a drive connected directly to the computer?

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    I tried both procedures and neither worked.

    The LaCie is less than two years old (still under warranty)


    The Big5 is connetcted to a network in our graphics department where 10-12 people acces the files daily.

    This is then backed up to another Big5

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    Just recently bought 12 new Mac's (running 10.8.2) and now we can't work with the files on our NAS and that's where all of the files live. I never even thought that this would be an issue. It's not like the files are lost, we just can't work with them where they are. This has basically stopped any artwork production. I'm now thinking of getting the old Mac's back up and running. Is there any other soultion to this problem? If I go back to using the old Mac's they will be calling for my head (after spending so much money on the new ones).


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    My only suggestion is to replace the two LaCie NAS' you now have for something that supports all your computers running Mountain Lion. I don't really know what else your could do besides the suggestion of putting the hard drives into newer enclosures that support AFP.

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    So there is no way around this without spending more money?

    That's going to be a tough sell to say the least.


    And will the next OS upgrade include changes that will render the new NAS devices useless?

    I know I'll be asked this question (and I don't have an answer).


    Seems like there should be a fix for this without having to dump hardware that is still under warranty.

    These things make pretty expensive doorstoppers.

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    I wish I could say there was a free solution. There may be but I sure don't know what that is. Once you start hacking these NAS devices you could end up in a real mess especially since you rely on them for backups. I don't know if LaCie has given you the best advice or are simply trying to sell you new devices. I am surprised they wouldn't have a workaround for a 2 year old product, but then there was no Lion or Mountain Lion 2 years ago. And, unfortunately you cannot run Snow Leopard on the new Macs you have just purchased.


    New operating systems can often make older hardware unusable. This is not just an Apple issue. I would keep looking for a third-party solution. I did a search for "use lacie big5 with Mountain Lion" that returned a lot of hits, but don't know if any of them contain a solution for you.