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I have tried all of the "workarounds" that have been suggested and none of this works.


I recently got a new Mac (running 10.8.2) and I can no longer connect to my LaCie Big5 Network2 NAS as a "Registered User" via AFP.

I can connect as a guest via AFP but when I save files to the Big5 they are "Invisable"?


I can connect as a registered user via SMB, BUT when I do a lot of the files that are on the Big5 appear as Unix files and I can not work with them.


I have tried all of the suggestiuons that I found on this forum relating to entering comands in Terminal, but I may not be doing this correctly.

I have never used Terminal and I attempted to set up a "root" account, but the buttons that the instructions tell me to click on are not there?


Is there something wrong with what I am doing?

OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)