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I have several months of Time Machine backups. TM can't see the old backups and wants to start over - TM Preferences shows Oldest backup:None, Latest backup: None.  I've not allowed it to start a new backup.

In finder, in /Time Capsule/Data I can see the backup file for this laptop i.e \Time Capsule\Data\MacBook Air

When I "Enter Time Machine" I can see all my backups going back in time (I know this sounds strange, one part of TM can see the backups while another can't)


There was a point when this problem first occured that Finder on this laptop couldn't see the backup file i.e. \Time Capsule\Data appeard empty, whilst I could see it in Finder on an iMac which also successfuly uses TM on the same TC (more on the iMac below).  I repaired disk permissions on the laptop and rebooted the TC and laptop a couple of times, and at least I can now see the backup in Finder.


May or may not be related, but at the time this problem arose, I was setting up a new iMac and used Migration Assistant to copy from an old MacBook's TM backup to the new iMac (computer to computer wouldn't work and BTW it was much quicker from TM).  When asked, I chose for the iMac to inherit the backup history of the MacBook. In Finder I can see the MacBook's backup (MacBook.sparsebundle) as well as the iMac's (Macintosh).


I saw a reference to my symptoms in an old Apple Support note which suggested the Computer Name may have been changed in Sharing Preferences.  I checked and it still matches the name of the backup (MacBook Air).


I am afraid to allow TM to start a new backup, that it will lose my backup history.  


Help !!