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Hi guys,


With one particular project Im working on Ive come to a brick wall. Suddenly I couldnt record any software instruments without it being out of time, quanitizing the beats (Ultra Beat) like triple the speed of the BPM. So I cannot lay down anymore percussion tracks. Also with synths or any other software voice I go to use, It seems to affect other recorded tracks. They jam and play one note or distort.  Its a complicated one and hard to explain really. 


I have tried freezing the tracks and removing any master effects to minimise CPU overload thinking that may be the issue but to no avail.


Im not well up on Bus ing but there does appear to be some bus ing set up on tracks, this must have been set up by a preset or template because as I said Im not to well informed on busing. As I learn about it currenlt, I wonder is there some effect through them causing the software instruments to speed up and act weird??


I dont have this issue with other projects, just this one.


Hope someone can help. Thanks!

Logic Studio, Mac OS X (10.7.3), Lion