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Is it better to buy the 2.7GHz 21.5 inch Mac with 8GB and then add 8GB for $200 or buy the 2.9GHz 21.5 inch Mac and only have 8GB. Both options would cost same. What is diff b/w 2.7 and 2.9. Thanks

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    Since there is nothing upgradeable at all in the new 21.5 inch screen iMac models, the better deal is to purchase a custom 21 inch iMac with the optional i7, 3.1 GHz  CPU AND purchase the optional RAM to bring this iMac to 16 GBs of RAM. Buying this model with the max. RAM and fastest CPU. You won't be able to replace anything at all later, EVER!

    The option I presented to you gives you the best 21 inch screen iMac for the money and allows for some "future proofing."

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    I should, also,,stress that previous iMac models have had their share of reliability issues in the first five years of their operational life. The reliability of the new 2013 iMacs is, yet, unproven.

    It would be wise and I strongly, STRONGLY recommend you budget for 3-year extended AppleCare.

    You are going to need it! You have within the first year of complimentary AppleCare warranty service to pay for and apply and register for the 3- year extended warranty. Don't wait until the last day of your initial coverage to apply for the extended warranty, though.

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    Thahks so much.  I am clueless on this but where do I find th elink to order a 21" wiht the i7, 3.1ghz.  All I can find is place to upgrade the ram from 8 to 16 for th etwo new 21.5 inch ones on the apple site.



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    Also, I forgot to add that the new 2013 models no longer have a built-in CD/DVD optical drive.

    If you still use an optical drive, you can either purchase Apple's offering or any third party optical drive manufacturer.

    Apple's offering isn't the best nor the cheapest nor is it very expensive.

    And I tend to like optical and hard drives that have their own power source rather than relying no power from inside the computer.

    I tend not to like cheap optical drives, either, but this is your choice.

    I Can recommend better optical drives, if you desire.

    Also, on this page you can decide which input devices you prefer. There are other choices than Apple's wireless Bluetooth options.

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    Thanks very much for your detailed help. Best

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    You are welcome and good luck to you!