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How do I burn to Blu Ray after I've compressed to H.264?  Can I go through DVD Studio?

Final Cut Pro 7, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    Not for Blu Ray. DVD Studio Pro only does SD.

    There are lots of H.264 settings so make sure you use the Blu Ray preset. In job action, your output Device should be your Blu Ray burner. Or if you have Toast, you can build your disk in Toast and burn.


    Good luck.



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    This is what the DVD SP 4 manual says re: H.264 files:


    "You can use the H.264 video format, also known as MPEG-4 part 10 and the Advanced Video Codec (AVC), in your HD projects. The H.264 encoder is twice as efficient as the standard MPEG-2 encoder. When compared to encoding with MPEG-2, this means that with the H.264 encoder:... You must use H.264 for HD DVD presets in Compressor to encode H.264 video assets for native use in DVD Studio Pro HD project."



    However, i cannot get DVD SP 4 to recognize the .264 encoded files using these presets (Format h.264 for Blu-ray; 1080p @ 29.97fps; NTSC; AVCHD stream).  Compressor produces a .264 video format file that DVD SP rejects.  Do I have to use the h.264 for Apple Devices format (m4v) instead (which also is supposed to support Chapter Markers created in FCPX)?