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Ok so I have seen other discussions but I believe my case is different.


Here are the facts:

It's an iPad 3, latest software, using photostream, NOT syncing photos in the iTunes settings.

Pretty much every photo I have ever taken with my iPhone or imported into iPhoto has synced into my iPad camera roll, as well as the photostream.

In addition, albums on my iPhone have synced and even random albums with 1 photo in them have appeared on my iPad.

I cannot delete these photos or albums becasue it says "you cannot delete photos imported from another device" or something like that.

It's driving me nuts because my camera roll is a mess and I cannot organize it by moving or deleting the photos.


I'll say again, these photos are not just in my photostream. They have imported themselves into the camera roll and albums and cannot be deleted.


Info and links are appreciated.

  • techlordz Level 1 (10 points)

    What happens when you disable photo stream?

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    The photos remain and cannot be deleted

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    I don't understand how these photos synced to your iPad if not by way of Photo Stream. You didn't use some third party app to transfer the photos from the phone to the iPad did you?


    You mentioned iPhoto. The iPhoto app for iOS?

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    They probably did go through photo stream, they just imported themselves into my photo roll or "camera roll" and now I can't delete them.

    Never used 3rd party app.

    No, iPhoto on my Mac.

    Regardless I only downloaded the iOS iPhoto a couple of weeks ago. This problem has been ongoing long before that.

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    trevj13 wrote:


    NOT syncing photos in the iTunes settings.

    Are you certain of that?  By the sounds of it, these photos are being synced to the iPad through iTunes.  Just for yuks, connect to iTunes and double-check the Photos tab to ensure you're not syncing any albums.  If you are syncing some albums, but not the ones in question, de-select the Sync Photos option entirely and re-sync to remove all photos.  Also, I'm not an iPhoto user (or Mac user for that matter) but is there a setting within iPhoto that could be relevant?


    Finally, Camera Roll is a very specific album on your device, and is not the same as albums you've synced to your device via iTunes.  The only ways I know of that Camera Roll gets populated is by taking pictures with the device, or importing photos to the device through a camera kit, it definitely does not get populated from Photo Stream.

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    When you mention iPhoto on the Mac, that makes it a little confusing because the only way that photos in iPhoto on the Mac could be transferred to the iPad would be by syncing with iTunes.


    The only photos that can be deleted directly on the iPad are the photos in the camera roll so I have no clue why you are getting this message. I have never heard of that particular message. I do not use the Camera connection kit, but it sounds like a message that you would get if you were using one.


    It might be helpful to know exactly what the message is that you are getting when you try to delete the photos. And I assume that you are trying to tap on the trash can icon to delete the photos?

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    Ok, just an idea... can you log into iCloud and delete them... maybe a sync would delete the photos? Like I said... just an idea. Let us know what you find out in case this ever happens to one of us... this would kinda be a pain...

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    Ok, so I went back into iTunes and clicked sync (becasue it was unclicked), then unclicked it again and clicked apply. It told me that it would delete all the synced photos so I clicked "ok" and continued.

    No such luck, the photos remain.


    Maybe I can clarify a few things. By camera roll I actually meant "Photos".

    For example, when you open the photo app on the iPad, there are tabs at the top labeled "Photos", "Photostream", "Albums", etc.

    The photos in question that cannot be deleted or moved are in the "Photos" section. 


    I have used a camera conenction kit once but that was last month and this problem existed long before.



    A little background first. In Photos, under the Photos tab, I click "Edit" and click photos until I select a photo that I CAN delete as well as a photo I CANNOT delete. I click "Delete (1)" and the following message appears:


    "Only items direclty imported to iPad can be deleted"



    Hope this info helps

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    Hi Friend,


    Be sure you did not turn Restrictions on. If yes, that's why you can't delete phtos of Camera Roll.


    About Albuns, you can tap Edit, then you can delete them (unless Camera Roll and My Photo Stream albuns). If you won't My Photo Stream Album, you can just unsync pictures from your pc.


    Shared Albuns you can remove them tap the blue arrow and unsign signature.


    You can also try to delete pictures in Settings, General, Usage, Photos, then you can swipe to delete them.


    Hope something helps