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Hi All,


Why we need to previous iBooks delete to install to revised version.


I made the iBooks and install in iPad for view from the hosting server. When iBooks come for amendments then I have incorporate all the amends and upload on hosting server. Whenever we download revised books, previous iBooks (which is earlier one) is open. Then have to delete the previous one for install the revised version.


I could not understand, what need to be done or bug by Apple.


Please help.


Thanks in Advance,

Amit Gupta

iBook, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    'updates' only works via the store, I think...

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    Hi Mate,


    My iPAD is already updated...


    can't understand what's wrong with that...


    pls try to find this big problem for me.



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    Not what I said, sorry.


    Are you using the store to disrtribute books? If so, then updates will work to leave only the latest version on your iPad...but...you said 'hosting server', which means you're not using the store, which means the process to update books works differently.

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    No, I am not using the store for distribute. I am using my ftp server which is using the link to download the iBooks.


    Then have to delete all the previous issue to install revised iBooks.


    Pls. help.