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Hi guys, new to the forum so apologies if process is incorrect etc.


I have seen a number of articles about the iPhone5 slow wifi and that the recent software update should have fixed this.  However, it clearly hasn't fixed it due to the number of posts around.


Have Apple admitted that there is a problem and working on it or are we just hoping that they are?


My local Apple store in Southampton denied all knowledge of a problem and advised me to book an apointment with the Genius Bar.  This would imply that they are brushing it under the carpet.


I have probably tried all the suggestions on these forums and others to rectify it but nothing works.  All was fine with my old 4s and when I first had the iPhone5 so like others I am presuming that it is a software problem caused by one of the recent updates.


I am not an expert by any means but come on Apple you should atleast issue a communication to your customers on what, if anything, you are doing about it.

iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.2
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    I have the exact same problem only on my iPad 3rd gen. I literally have done everything that i know; setting router, disabling genius, restoring iPad software, disabling Qos. I mean i have done everything short of taking my device to an apple store. The only reason i can assume it is the update is because for one it was not like this before the update, and that other devices on my network have flawless connectivity i. The sense of streaming of video, and downloading of software. And with my iPad its spotty at best.