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I have an Intel Mac Pro (2007 - 2,1), running OS 10.6.8.


I have an external FW800 drive which has about 900GB of archived data on it. Problem is, the data on the drive is corrupted and it behaves erratically and often crashes my Mac.


I ran Disk Warrior and received the following messages on MANY files (each file is listed). This is an example message:


File: "....."

Detected that the resources overlap and cannor be repaired.

Location: "[FW External Drive] / .../...."


Since I can't reformat this drive until I'm able to save my data, is there a way to fix these resource overlap corruptions?


The summary says that "702 files had resource data that was found to be damaged".


It would take days to individually delete all these culprit files listed (and some of them I would not want to delete since they are unique...). Is there anything I can do, save from deleting these files. And even then would my problem be fixed?


Please help!



iPhone 4S, iOS 6