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So I've been having this strange problem for awhile now with my Macbook (13 in, 2010), my keyboard (with the exception of the top two rows and the right Shift button) doesn't work, and the trackpad when clicked registers everything as a right-click. Usually, everything works normally for maybe a minute or two after starting it up or bringing it out of sleep mode, then it just craps out.


Anyways onto the actual question: I've seen posts by people with similar-ish problems, and they're often told to try an SMC reset. Would this possibly help me here?

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.7.5), Yelling at it hasn't helped
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    Doing an SMC reset probably will not fix this, but it likely will not hurt and it takes only moments to do.


    One thing you might try - seeing as yelling has not worked either - if your MacBook is one of those with an easily removeable battery, shut down, remove the battery, connect to your power adapter and restart. Some batteries, particularly older ones, have been known to expand and interfere with the keyboard and trackpad.


    If that is the case, replace the battery.


    Best of luck.