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OT, you are the guru of iPhoto


iPhoto 7 used to have an Export to Quick time (command+shift+ E)  that allowed me to decide the length of time each photo can be showed (like 1sec), WITHOUT ANY TRANSITION between photos (no ken burns effect) , and wether to decide to attach a song from itunes or not.   Iphoto 9 does not seem to have that feature... it export forcibly with transitions, and music....  Do you  know how I would go about to export in the same manner in iphoto 9?



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    In iPhoto 9 use the Classic theme in the slideshow mode.  Then in Settings you can select the time for each slide and uncheck the transition check box. 


    If you don't want music click on the Music button and uncheck any checked boxes. When you export via the Export button select the size you want.   But set the Aspect Ratio to what you want in the Settings box first.


    Then you'll get something like this: Classic Theme.



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    this does not quite do what i'm trying to do... it still creates a slide show withing iphoto... and takes forever to do/export when you have 600 photos+...


    the old way within ip7, I simply exported to Quicktime directly, and I could see the export takes 20 seconds to do.... seeing the numbers of photos being exported into a QT file very quickly.... it took more time to add music at the end, if I selected the music check box. But without music check box, checked, it take about 45 sec to esport about 600photos with a 0.75 sec time for each photo!


    not sure how else to esplain it!  it's missing something that ip7 had that ip9, does not have.



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    Then try this method:


    1 - click on the album and select all the photos in it .

    2 - export from iPhoto via the File ➙ Export ➙ Slideshow menu option. 

    4 - click on the Custom Export button.

    5 - click on the Size button and select the size.

    6 - save.


    Note:  start with small album of photos, 10-20, to make sure the settings you've selected end up in the final movie file.


    That should give you what you want and may be faster than going from the iPhoto slideshow mode.

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    thanks again forthe help...


    I gave it a try... and it is no where close to export to QT in ip7.  even with 10-20 pics test, it took way more time in ip9 ..... like V-E-R-Y S-L-O-W....  more than it took to export 150 pic with ip7.


    further,  although I could turn off the sound, and "prepare for internet steeaming" off, i did not have the possibility to put 0.75 sec per slide... like I could do  in iP7!!!... and in the end.. it has the Ken Burns effect, which I do not want to use!


    Why do apple do this!





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    Are you on the same machine as you were with iPhoto 7?  How much free space do you have on your boot drive?  What system are you running and how much RAM is there?

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    I just fired up my iPhoto 7 and got the same, quick export that you do.  Even 3rd party slideshow apps are slow when exporting to Quicktime with a very simple theme, no music, etc.


    You may have to resurrect your iPhoto 7 just to create the slideshows you need.

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    Well I had to re-import all of my photos and albums- & re organize them into iPhoto 7 to get what I needed to do.


    ip7, could export directly to Quicktime (I assume to QT 7) as well and it did exactly what I wanted it to do. I have 933 photos that get exported into a self  contained Quicktime file, at 0.5 seconds (fast showing- but the disolve in between photos make it show about 1 sec each anyway)  and I could attach or not,  a song to it. It took about 1min 30 sec to export the 933 photos with a disolve in between photos. The QT show is about 24 minutes long.


    Using iP9, I could not find a way to export this way, without having to "make a trip to the moon and back" before it is done!  With all the tests I had to do, I could not afford the waste of time...


    Tahnks for the help!