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I would like to report what seems to be a little bug in SoundTrack Pro wav file creation process and haven't found a page where to send a ticket so I'm posting this here


I am currently writing a programm to read simple WAVE fles with the basic scheme RIFF/WAVE/fmt /data and I am basically skipping any chunk whose ID differs from the four previous. Every chunk of meta in a WAVE file is supposed to be ChunkID on 4 bytes then, immediatly after, ChunkSize on 4 bytes too.


SoundTrack Pro seems to respects this format for the APPL chunk (contains a path) except for one little bug: the size I read is one byte too short for me. And only for this chunk of meta. (Not the storage of the size, which is on 4 bytes too, the actual size of the whole chunk). I have to manually read one more byte when the chunk is APPL.


Any ideas of where this should be reported ? Plus it is really minor, I don't really have a hope that this bug be corrected one day but anyway...