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An hour ago I decided to switch to Safari 6.0.2 on Mac OSX 10.7.5 from Google Chrome and here I am with two issues.


Issue 1:


      Visiting preferences I eventually went to Password Tab as shown in screenshot below. As I checked show password option all of a sudden this pop up asking for permission :"safari wants to use your confidential information stored in your keychain."


     As I have about 100 websites passwords stored in my keychain, this pop up keeps coming one by one asking for permission for each and every site. And until I select any of 3 options I can not do any activity. I do not want to click around 100 times on Always Allow or any of other 2 options. This behavior is completely nuisance to me. Any suggestion on how to get rid of this? Is this a bug in Safari? Should I report it to Apple?Screen Shot 2013-02-28 at 1.00.04 AM.png


Issue 2:


     I figured out that Safari does not support favicons too, which is, in my opinion very efficient way to manage bookmark on Bookmark bar as bookmarks are easily searchable. I visited few questions regarding Favicons and all says NO support for Safari but since they are quite a few months older now I am including it here, with hope, if any solution is known to anyone.

Any suggestion or assistance will be helpful for any of the issue.


Due to these two issues I am forced to switch back to chrome within an hour. :-(


I have also posted my question on StackOveflow website superuser. 


One small suggestion: UI and formatting on this discussion.apple.com seems very old and painful now. Stackoverflow offers excellent in this area. Kindly try to renovate this site with rich and easy features.

Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    If you saved the passwords in another browser, then Safari is not automatically authorized to access them, nor is any other application. That's the whole point of the keychain. You should only get the prompt once for each password.