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Okay today I just brought apple protection for 69.99 and then i found out i had to pay 494.78 but they saying that 494.78 is on hold. I called my bank to see if its on hold they said only for 3 days then its going to pend which i dont want that to happen because apple said its on hold until they get my original iphone 4 for a new one im getting due to the jammed locked button. My thing is why did they charged me for 494.78 to begin with? Has this ever happen when trying to get a phone knowing you under warranty. I just extended my warranty I shouldnt pay 494.78 knowing its on hold for a few days. Will my 494.78 get back into my bank or do I have to do a dispute?

iPhone 4, iOS 6.1.2
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    They didn't charge you. The explained already what they did, as you yourself say. They put a hold on your credit card in the amount of the replacement in the event that you do not return your original iPhone. The hold will be released when they receive your original iPhone. This is also explained very clearly in the information for the Express Replacement Service:


    When you request Express Replacement Service, Apple places a reserve on your credit card for the Replacement Value of a new iPhone. This covers any damage to or loss of your iPhone that is not covered by Apple’s warranty or an AppleCare service contract and/or other payments that may be due. If the replacement of your iPhone is determined to be covered by Apple’s Limited Warranty for iPhone, you will only pay the ERS Fee shown in the table below. This fee is waived if your iPhone is covered by an AppleCare service contract.


    If you do not understand what a credit card hold is, see:




    So no, you do not have a dispute and will not unless Apple doesn't release the hold once they get back your original iPhone.


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    So in other words, since i paid the apple protection for 69 dollars the 494 will be un hold and place back into my checking account until my original phone is in their hands correct?

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    Again, this is a hold against your credit card and will be released when Apple has receives your original iPhone. The AppleCare coverage has nothing to do with the credit hold.


    I don't know how I or Apple can state that more clearly.