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I've been going through my software and downloading all the updates I can find. I was wondering if any of you might have this in your archives, Apple seems to have "lost" it and my usual haunts have come up empty.

I've recently bought Mac OS X Server 10.0, and I have some of the other OS X Servers (for the Xserve), it seems finding (just the) updates you need before OS X Server 10.3 is hit or miss.

In one example I'm trying to find:
Mac OS X Server 10.0.4 Update: Document and Software


( http://download.info.apple.com/MacOSX/062-8318.20010702/0z/10.0.4ServerUpdate.dmg.bin )

Dumps you at:
" This URL is no longer used. If you get to this page, please go to:"


... do strange loop.
(My cookies are enabled)

I know this is old, thats not the point, why is this and for that fact most of the other updates missing?

I'm not real clear if 10.0 Server is update-able to 10.1 Server with the OS X 10.0-10.1 update CD for the regular OS X to which you may then UD to MacOSXUpdateCombo10.1.5, they mixed it up so you can't tell - or I can't tell.

Mac OS X Server 10.1: Chart of Available Software Updates:


See what I mean?
Even OS X Server 10.0.3 Update would suffice. I'd appreciate you all poking around - I got nothing.

Mac OS X Server 10.3.x on, stuff is easy to find, Server 10.2.x and earlier is a pain and this is the last time (hopefully) I'll need to do this.

If anyone with these updates could contact me that would be great or just reply to this post, this server will not be online - just to be clear.

Any help would be appreciated.


California, USA


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    Mac OS X Server 10.0.4 Update missing software at Apple download.

    I have a request pending on this with an Apple Guy™, I'll post the results.
    I'm sure y'all are on the edge of your seats.

    This will answer this topic also:


    Apple Server 10.0.4 Link Failure
    Posted: Nov 28, 2005 12:36 AM

    Although I have been attempting to update my Apple Server Software to Apple Server 10.0.4 (POwerbook G4 System 10.0.4), via


    the link fails to work. Candidates are invited to select the software, then invited to confirm appropriate use, then invited to select the software, then invited to confirm appropriate use etc

    Re: Apple Server 10.0.4 Link Failure
    Posted: Dec 2, 2005 6:51 AM in response to: Panther
    the link is dead.

    is it avaliable from the Software Update Control Panel?



    You CAN update it through "Software Update" but it won't allow you to
    save the 10.0.4ServerUpdate.pkg for later installations, just the

    THIS you can DL:

    MySQL Software for Mac OS X Server 10.0.3


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    Hi there.

    10.0 is asking for pain, serious pain. I got mail running under 10.0.<something> ages ago, and wouldn't touch it again unless paid to

    This download link here seems to work fine (tested it just now)

    Which took me about 5 seconds to find, by searching at
    for 10.0 server
    and choosing "restrict to downloads"

    Good luck !
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    "Which took me about 5 seconds to find, by searching at
    for 10.0 server
    and choosing "restrict to downloads"

    I've spent more than five seconds looking dear one.

    Mac OS X (10.0.4) Combined Update Information and Software


    is not:

    Mac OS X Server 10.0.4 Update: Document and Software


    it is required, though.

    Mac OS X Server 10.0 OZ691-3023-A

    Mac OS X Server 10.0 (has 10.0.3 4P13 on it) OZ691-3023-A



    ^ No worky ^

    Mac OS X Server 10.0.4

    Installing the updated Server Admin on Mac OS X clients After installing the 10.0.4 Server Update, you may update your Mac OS X Server administration clients by copying the Server Admin application to them. Follow these steps to perform the copy: Install 10.0.4 Server Update, then restart. Start Apple File Services if necessary. Copy the Server Admin application from the /Application/Utilities folder to the /Shared Items/Public folder. On your Mac OS X client, install 10.0.4 Update if necessary. Connect to your Mac OS X Server, mount the Public folder. Copy the Server Admin application to your Mac OS X client. Requirements for Mac OS X Server 10.0.4 Update You must have previously installed the Mac OS X Server 10.0.3 software in order to install this update. In addition, this update requires that you install the Mac OS X 10.0.4 Update before proceeding.

    OS X Server 10.0.4 Receipts


    NetBoot Extras: Information and Download


    It's a bit confusing, reread my initial post it's a real mess upgrading to 10.1 too.

    Thanks for trying though,

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    If Apple won't help you then you seem to be out of luck.
    It should of course be available as a download.

    Why you'd want to do anything with it is beyond me, all components that you'd be wanting to upgrade manually (BIND, DHCP, DNS, amavisd, spamassassin, clamav, Postfix or for that matter Exim, both will do you far better than sendmail) you could easily do under 10.1 (assuming current versions would still compile correctly) or 10.2 Mac OS X client.

    I'm not sure what 10.0.x server offers you that you'd need.
    And I do mean that honestly.

    My own archives only go back as far as 10.1.x server, fwiw
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    10.0? IN the words of Monty Python... RUN AWAY RUN AWAY!

    seriously, get 10.4, or even 10.3. Life's way too short.
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    Yes, you read right.

    Mac OS X Server 10.0.4, ...that's *Server".

    One last gasp, as, alas the "Apple Guy™" tried valiantly and, well, I'm sure he was dealt with swiftly once the Apple Software Police got wind of this. Those export notices are NOT toys.


    I do hope it was quick and painless ...silenced, and sooo young.

    A four out of 5 Apples for you who looked in your archives for this rare vintage Server (<--remember) software.
    (158 HITS as of this final entry)
    Did it ever reeaaaly exist, or was it just that old Jedi trick like in OS X 10.1?

    <a class="jive-link-external-small" href="http://">http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=42741

    I've been warned several times about this particular version of the OS, being that it was an early release, they tell me it takes no prisoners, whispers of "it eats it's young". I've put this down to crazed infiltrators from the Dark Side™ trying to throw me off the scent.

    I believe a rumour I heard, that Apple actually, accidently released this update into the wild, by the way of a young, newly hired intern, (they only let them sweep up all the 1s and 0s that have fallen to the floor during the day when crazed assembly programmers churn out patches really late at night) well, this poor chap happened across a patch, just completed, who's programmer had just left for his quadruple expresso break, ...our hapless intern, being helpful and mesmerized by the blue pulsating SAVE button ... hit ENTER on the keyboard.
    What he didn't know is that it was for internal use only AND it had the invisible bit set.
    And that's the story of how "10.0.4ServerUpdate.dmg.bin" got lost.

    BUT ...if your updating late at night and go to just under the blue Apple at the left in 10.0.3 Server (<--remember) and hit Software Update it appears as if by magic, (or magic number) updates your Server and vanishes, leaving only the telltale receipt.

    All apologies to the widows of HST and CampFire Girls everywhere.
    I bid you much adou.

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    Follow up:

    I'm marking this as solved.
    The "Apple Guy™" tried valiantly. He also informed me Apple pulled this and is not distributing this patch (Mac OS X Server 10.0.4 Update) any longer. (export restrictions?)

    Personally, after looking 8 months for this integral final patch for a SERVER someone took pity and provided me this update from their archives.

    To them I say much thanks and I say to you keep your patches and archive them.

    Much Adou,

  • hylas Level 1 Level 1
    Mac OS X Server 10.0.4 Update Found:


    Having found it earlier, I'm posting the link for Archivist and completeness.