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Hi all,


I am at a school managing a cart of iPads.  I was using Configurator just to Prepare them and push out a profile and apps.  I didn't use Supervise, because I wanted to be able to plug them in to other computers to transfer video.  Some update to Configurator came out and I can no longer use Prepare to install paid apps.  Frustrating, but okay.


Next I turned on Supervise so I can install paid apps again.  Apparently this requires erasing the iPad.  Okay, fine.  iPads were erased and set to Supervise, but I have no redeem codes left!  I can still see that the redeem codes are in Configurator, and are matched up to the iPad serial numbers, but I can't check the box to install them.  This is different from the problem of having lost the Configurator information described here:


Can someone explain how I can use my existing match of serial numbers and redeem codes to install apps?


OS 10.7.5

Configurator 1.2.1

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