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I'm guessing few people use this version of Aperture.  Here's what happened because I use it.  Apple spent several hours with me before I found the link to this software update.


Then I downloaded the patch.  Then my computer would not install it as security changes needed to be changed from the standard: "only install software from the app store and identified developers."  To install this patch, I needed to change settings to show, "allow applications downloaded from ANYWHERE."


This surprised me.


I ordered four books with this software today, spending over thirty dollars for each.  For three of the four, I needed to change the order after it was processed by Apple so that the three gift books would be shipped to relatives instead of to me.  NOTE THAT ADDING OTHER ADDRESSES WITHIN this version of Aperature doesn't change any shipping details in the actual order.


Since the rep told me the newer version is only about $90, I may spring for it.  Or I might just give up on Aperture entirely and buy ADOBE Lightroom, since this application has been BUGGY.

Apple TV, OS X Mountain Lion