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I am producing three differant books for three differant customers.  When I put the books on my ipad via exporting them and loading through itunes, they appear to have the correct book cover art.  When i click on one of the books (ie book one) book two's cover artwork opens.  The books have the correct artwork on the bookshelf, the contents of the books are correct, only the cover art when the book opens and closes is wrong.


Is anyone else having the same problem when proofing several books on the same ipad?

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    Were those three books built from scratch using whatever template, or did you make one and then clone it for either of the other two?

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    This is very odd.  After posting my question i read several other posts about the same issue.


    After reading your question i thought I may have cloned them. Your right K T that is what I did.  Even with a new file name, book title, and inspector settings, it caused the confusion when loading a book.


    I am not sure if there is a setting that could be changed to solve this problem.  But at least I know to start from scratch each time, and not duplicate a template.


    Shame I did it to keep the Glossary in my new book.  Any thoughts on copying a Glossary?


    Thanks for your help KT

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    Did you duplicate an actual iBA template in the finder, or make an iBA template from the first book, save it to 'My Templates', and then use it for another book, saving with a new name as a new book, or...?

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    Well this seems to have solved my problem.  They must have been duplicates from the file menu in ibooks author, and then renamed before they were saved.


    A solution was to take the books, create a new template from each one and continue on.  Now when they load they each load off the bookshelf with thier own artwork.


    Thanks for the help