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I cant send emails with Mail program on iMac.  This happened after the latest software update.  I keep getting "enter password for account"  but never had to before.  Also the password I use when entered does not work.  I don't know how to fix this, also my list of servers got screwed up because my wife and son tried to "fix" the problem.  Can anyone help with a clear, step by step procedure to fix this issue?

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    Please carefully read and follow the instructions in Mail Troubleshooting

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    Thanks for responding.  I will try this when I get a chance.  In the meantime I have just been sending emails using my provider's site, but Apple's email is vastly better, so I'll contact my provider. Even though I have to turn to my provider for the fix, I still believe it was the Apple software upgrade that caused the problem. Thanks again.  Cheers!

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    The Password rejection can confuse people since it's a catch all meaning...


    This Password, Username, Authentication method... is not recognized on this Port to this Server.


    So since WebMail works it's not Name or Password, but one of the other ones.


    The receiving email ports are:


    IMAP is port 143

    IMAP-SSL is port 993

    POP is port 110

    POP-SSL is port 995

    Outgoing ports are...

    SMTP and SMTP-SSL is on ports 25, 587 and 465. Port 587 has to be SSL, and port 465 is enforced TLS-wrapped and is generally used by Outlook users.


    In Mail's Window Menu, choose Connection Doctor, any red dots for status, if so what is the exact message?


    Then click the Show Details button & Check again.

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    Oh... Who is your eMail provider, the part after the @ sign?

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    comcast.net  I have been busy and unable to find the time to call them and try to resolve this--probably tomorrow when my house will be empty.  Thanks for sending the info.  Hopefully it's more than I need to know.

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    finally just called comcast and they straightened it out for me.

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    Great news, thanks!


    Any idea what it was?