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Is it possible to import wifi problems to my iPhone 5 when restoring from a backup of an iPhone 4? My iPhone 4 was smashed against concrete and since then my wifi signal has been weak where it shouldn't be. So I bought an iPhone 5 and restore it to a backup of the older iPhone 4. Unfortunately now my iPhone 5 seems to have the same wifi problems. Is this a coincidence or wifi issues really got passed on from the restore??? I'm puzzled.

iPhone 5, iOS 6.1, 32GB Black
  • rasheed21 Level 1 (5 points)

    Now i'm discovering that the new iPhone 5 has wifi issues that some ppl say the latest update didn't solve (which would include me.) So Im really confused to what's the root of my wifi problems now. Is problems imported/restored from my defective/smashed iPhone 4 or am I one of those that received a defecive iPhone 5?

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    If the issue was not really a hardware problem but rather a problem in the backup, restoring the backup will cause the issue to re-occur.


    Restore the device as new.  If the problem goes away, it was an issue with the backup.

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    Thank you, however, if I do this how will I ever get back my app data?

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    If having a fully functional device is important to you, restore as new and forget about your app data.


    If a restore as new does not resolve you can always restore from the backup.