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I have this annoying problem on my MacBook Pro 2007. It used to be that if I set up a wireless network with a password (either my home network, or a coffee house I frequent), then this info would work and the laptop would automatically connect itself to the network after I powered it up, or it woke up from sleep.


Now something changed. When I power up the laptop, OR if I close the screen and put it to sleep and then I open it up — the Wifi icon on the top menu is grayed out, and when I pull it down it says (grayed out) "Airport: Not Configured", and an available "Open Network Preferences". No connection. So I go to Network Preferences, then I have to pull down the Network Name, find the one I want (Zyxel), and wait until it connects. After it does, when I pull down the wifi icon from the top menu — it still does not show you any available networks (as it used to). It just shows "Airport: Not Configured", and "Open Network Preferences". But now there's a connection to Zyxel wifi (visible in Network Preferences box).


EVERY TIME I put the laptop to sleep or turn it off, I have to go through this. Is it a small problem, but annoying as ****. Any ideas on how to fix it greatly appreciated. Thanks!



MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8), MacBook Pro 2007 500 GB HD 4GB RAM