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My son is now able to use an ipad at school as part of his IEP (individulaized education plan) to aid with his learning disabilities. However, he is easily distractable.  I would like to corral all the game apps into a folder that can be locked/password protected during school hours or set up a profile on the ipad that only has the academic apps that he will need available.  Is this possible?

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Reply by My Apple Support Account on Feb 28, 2013 7:00 AM Helpful
You can't lock to a folder, but you can lock to single apps by using Guided Access mode. Take a look at this article:http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5509

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    No, it isn't. there is no way to loack a folder, and iOS does not support multiple access accounts. Yu can set restrictions to preent any downloading of apps (Settings app > General > Restrictions), but that will not provide for what you specifically are asking for.

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    You can't lock to a folder, but you can lock to single apps by using Guided Access mode.


    Take a look at this article:


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    This is getting part of the way there, but really there are a dozen apps that get used at school, so just being able to lock one app open isn't really going to help.  I assume what you've described is most helpful for those using an ipad as a retail or customer service device vs an educational platform.  It strikes me that an iOS upgrade could either


    1.  Lock screens so that you could organize apps for school on one screen and have other apps on a different password protected screen.

    2.  Set time controls for screens

    3.  Rather than applying this to screens it could be applied to folders of apps by setting folder properties either to password protect or set time restrictions. 


    I have sent these suggestions to apple education division....we'll see what happens.

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    mffromca, did you ever find a good solution?  I have the exact same issue.  My son is special needs (with an IEP for school) and the iPad is a tremendous tool, but can also be a distraction.  I really don't want to delete all those other apps just so he can use it at school.



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    Nothing has changed in iOS around this since this thread was last active.

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    I am REALLY mad at Apple for the inability of parents to restrict app usage for our kids.  Android, Kindle, and other allow parents to limit use of certain apps.  The lack of flexibility for parents is extremely frustrating. My kids have various Apple devices and I am very happy to allow unlimited access to all education apps, but I want to limit all games and internet to free time only.  I am very close to leaving the Apple platform because of their apparent profit minded approach that discounts parent's concerns. Parents have been complaining about this for several years.  I don't understand... Apple do you read these comments?  Why haven't you done anything?

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    I'm with you  Mad_Dad.  I've actually already purchased an Android device since my post above.  I still have a preference for iOS over the fragmented Android, but my kids may end up growing up on Android unless Apple does something soon.

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    You can restrict your kid to one app using Guided Access.



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    Thanks, I have done the Guided Access since it showed up.  I made a deal with the kids if they could figure out the 4 digit code they could have three days open access.  I worked my way through odd numbers, prime numbers, famous years in history, the Fibonacci series, atomic weights of various elements and many more all with a suite of clues.  Nice vehicle to learn mathematical constants.  But does not allow them open access to all the education apps at once or provide a timed access to fun apps. That sort if fix is available on other platforms or on post-jailbreak Apple devices.  The guided access was developed for businesses so that employees could only use the one app for their job not for parents. 

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    Thanks Diavonex.  Yes, I'm aware of Guided Access, but unfortunately it doesn't accomplish what I need.  My son takes it to school everyday and needs to have access to multiple education apps.  What I really need is the ability to setup a "profiles" for my son.  In other words, when he is at school during the day, he can only access educational apps via his "school profile".  Then when he gets home in the evening, he can access games via his "home profile".  Of course, he should never be able to access my email as that would be under the "master profile" that I would setup for myself. 

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    The only way you can do that is to get him his own iPad.

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    Erechm, my daughter has and IEP as well and has dyslexia. She uses these devices for school and pleasure as well and as you know kids need help keeping these separated.  Did you find the android platform better for this purpose?  As you can tell I am frustrated. I am deeply invested in Apple with these devices and apps, but if I jump to Android for my daughter the whole family will follow.  That means tablets and phones and Apple will lose multiple clients for life. 

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    Yes, I did find the andriod platform better for this purpose, but unfortunately it is a trade off.  There are certain apps that are not available on Android.  So I found that I end up using two different devices and have to keep track of both.  I'm extremely frustrated too. I'm like you where I have put my whole family including parents and grandparents into the Apple ecosystem.  I find the Apple stuff easier for the elderly and less tech savvy to use, so I hesitate to jump to Android.  I really wish Apple would just give the ability to have multiple profiles on one device.  Or at a minimum, they could give the ability to restrict time usage for each app one at a time. The good news is that my kids including my son with Down Syndrome have had no trouble adapting to Android.  They have no problems just pushing buttons until it works!   I'm thinking about jailbreaking my iPad so I can have more control, but I haven't researched that option enough yet.

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    My daughter has a developmental dissability and I completly understand and support your post. If I leave her on her own she jumps from app to app and doesn't focus on one. I keep the apps that are not useful for her in a different folder, but that doesn't prevent her from entering and oprning those apps.


    but I can see your comment was made two years ago and Apple didn't solve the problem, I guess parents and kids with developmental disabilities are very few for them to take in to account. I'm disappointed.