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I did a draft of an iba portrait style only book, all interactivity is in place, looks and works fine. I originally started with ONE chapter page and used just text pages for the rest of the book.So the result was ONE chapter page,now I need to go to ( for instance) to page 31 make that page chapter TWO changing the page from a text page to a chapter page and take all pages up to page 45 to complete the chapter, then on page 46 make that page Chapter 3 , take from page page 46 to 55 to complete that chapter, follow?


I tried to add the chapter pages and re arrange but iba does not allow mw to do that, the added chapter pages only appear at the end. I tried to save the iba as a template as well and still cant do. Only other way I see is to have two copies of the same file open , make the chapter pages and drag each page into each chapter. before I do is there an easier way?



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    When I get alot of views and no answers this means that either I should know this, the answer is in documentation somewhere or I'm not explaining myself correctly.


    Re explained:

    created an iba

    started the first page off using a chapter

    the rest of the book is within the chapter


    I need to:

    have the first 10 pages NOT be a chapter

    So I need to create section text

    I know how to do this but iba will NOT allow me to move any content from within the chapter to the section area.


    Then I need to go to another page within the original page chapter one


    make that chapter two

    and take certain pages from within the original chapter 1 and paste into chapter 2


    I have tried duplicating the original iba and saving as a template and that does not allow me to drag any page info to another section or area.


    I have galleries within all this as well and have tried to figure how to do and cant find any documentation anywhere. Just asking for a pointer or two here so if anyone can please help me out?



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    I found some documentation but this still does not solve what I need to do. After looking thru it and using common sense it seems that I would need to copy the entire book which is now chapter one 5 times so I have 5 chapters. Then I would go into chapter 1 and delete every page that is NOT supposed to be in chapter 1


    Then go to chapter 2 and delete ALL the pages in chapters 1 3 4 and 5 EXCEPT for the content of chapter 2.


    I can deal with that but iba ONLY allows you to delete ONE page at a time. I'll be here forever doing this. Is there a way to delete more than ONE page at a time?





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    ralphiedee wrote:


    When I get alot of views and no answers this means that either I should know this, the answer is in documentation somewhere or I'm not explaining myself correctly.

    Try not to take this too hard --  but for anyone reading this thread, there can be other reasons, such as a history of being difficult to help, etc. - tends to make others silent where based on previous ill received participation, convoluted logic, mispercieved replys, errant chatter not related to the topic, resistance to suggestions, etc. - sorry, but just so others know what can contribute to a one-sided thread here...

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    Thx I ended up getting this done using a bit of common sense and remembering that when I do these type of projects to be aware of the problems that you can face later if your types of pages are not addressed earlier in the project.