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in iPhoto 7, when exporting to a Quicktime file, is there a way to turn off the disolve  transition (on one photo to the next).. cuz I am trying to set the time to be   0:05 sec ( yes, less than a sec) and the disolve between photos, does not allow the quick rapidity duration I require! it export to about 3/4 of a sec per photo... it's too slow.... gotta have it rapid showing!



I have inputed the photos into iMovie HD 6, and had it worked out to 0:00:05 (5 frames per photo) , but it will NOT export or share at all... for some weird reasons....  as if Imovied HD is not supported anymore with OSX 10.8.2



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    I am self anwering myself I guess!... talk about finding answer by myself!


    well iMovie HD 6 could not export under osX 10.8.2....


    I copied the im6 Project to a laptop with osX 10.6.8... and it exported like a charm!... 45 photos for a total of 9 sec Quicktime file with .05 sec per photo !



    Gawd... with all those updates..it's hard to keep up with this stuff!




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    Yes, you have now created three different threads on the same subject, awarding yourself points in all of them.


    As you must know, those points to not accrue to you.

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    What do you mean by export.  I have iMovie 6 HD and am able to export to Full Quality (.dv) with Mt. Lion using the File ➙ Export menu.  And it's very fast like iPhoto 7 is.



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    Klaus 1,

    I understand about the points.. I surely do not worry about that... more than I had to find a solution to my problem ASAP, as my slide show is due tomorrow afternoon.  I was trying to get help from all side I could gather it from!




    well I used 2 method. I had about 60 photos that I wanted to show in a  very fast succession. like 5 frames per photos, for a show of about 8sec. Obviously iphoto, could not export  at 5fps, as by defaul the disolve between photos, creates a 1sec per photo... hence60 phots takes about 45sec to show.   So I used imovie 6 HD.  When I tried to "export" or share with osx 10.8.2, NOTHING would happen. Not even getting a subsequent dialog window.  Then I copied my entire imovie6HD, project onto a machine that runs OSX 10.6.8...and imovie was able to export.... Don't ask me why... i simply dunno!


    then for the remainder of the slide Show, of the 644photos, I had, I put it all in iphoto 7, and exported from then putting a .5 sec per slide, and with te disolve, I got a 25 minutes show.   


    Betwen the imovie6Hd export, and the ip7 export, I had to keep the same 640x480 ratio, as I merged theses 2 files together with Quicktime 7 PRO.  I did not want to use DV.


    Et voila,... I am almost out of the woods now... I simply have to add the music, in sequence with the help of garage band, and will export a 25 minutes mp3, and will merge it to the QT 25 minute slide show file.... and I will be DUNNNNNE!


    Thank you all