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I have unplug and plugged in my iPod to my pc 100 times and admin never comes up. When i go to iTunes I don't see anyway to

get to the iPod admin.  I copied quite a few of my CD's into iTunes but can't find a way to sync the player with the itunes on my computer.


I don't like the new update...it changed the look and feel of everything...for the worse.

iPod touch
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    Many people haven't yet figured out the new default interface in iTunes 11 but it's not that difficult. To get to the iPod information so you can sync, click the iPod button in the header bar at the upper-right, e.g.:



    iTunes 11 iOS Device Button.png


    Or go to the View menu and select "Show Sidebar" and the interface will then look substantially like it did in earlier versions. If you are running Windows and don't see the menus, press Control-B or go to the small icon with the arrow at the extreme upper left and select "Show Menu Bar":


    iTunes 11 for Windows - Show Menu Bar.png



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    - Do you mean that the iPod does not appear in iTunes? If so then:

    - If you  have iTunes 11 turn on the Sidebar. Go to iTunes>View and click on Show Sidebar. You can also do a Crtl+S to show the sidebar. The sidebar is where Devices appears. and Control+B to show the Menu bar

    - If it does not appear under Device, then:

    iOS: Device not recognized in iTunes for Windows


    iOS: Device not recognized in iTunes for Mac OS X