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Step by step, how do you run DiskWarrior from one computer on a second computer?


I linked the two computers (Mac mini and MacBook Pro) with Firewire and also installed DiskWarrior on a partition on an external drive, and tried starting up from each.  I got error messages 2153 and 4093.


Thank you!

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    http://supportdb.alsoft.com:591/FMPro?-db=AlsoftSupport&-lay=Main&-format=Alsoft Support-search.html&-view



    burn to a disc to create a disk that will startup your computer.


    You will need to employ one of the following workarounds:


    1. Alternate Startup Disk: If you have another drive (such as an external FireWire drive or an iPod) you could install Mac OS X (10.3.9 or higher) on that drive and then start from it. Install DiskWarrior on that drive’s “Utilities” folder, (which is inside the “Applications” folder) and run DiskWarrior from there.
    2. Target Disk Mode: Connect two Macs with a FireWire cable where the one is the “host” and the other is a “target”. The host Mac should be running an OS X in which DiskWarrior 4 runs. In this scenario, the target Mac is the Mac whose disk you are trying to rebuild. Start by shutting down the target Mac. Then turn it on while holding down the “T” key. The target Mac’s drive will appear as a usable drive on the host Mac. Run DiskWarrior from the host Mac and rebuild the target Mac’s disk.


    Also, a hard drive in an Intel-based Macintosh computer requires Mac OS X 10.4.6 or newer if utilizing either of the alternate methods outlined above.

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    The easiest (to me) is having a clone of my hard drive (which includes DW) on an external bootable drive. I connect the drive to the Mac, boot from it, and then run DW from there.

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    A few questions: Right now I have several partitions on my external drive.  I think I want to clone them and transfer them so as to start over with a bootable partition.


    Can the Time Machine backup be cloned and if so, how?  (I thought Carbon Copy Cloner won’t and when I tried SuperDuper!, my computer selection as destination was grayed out.)


    Once I transfer whatever I can and try to make a new bootable clone, what’s essential to make it bootable?  I have a Mac mini Late 2012 running whatever very special version of Mountain Lion 10.8.2 it runs.


    Thanks again!

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    Sorry, I do not use Time Machine at all, so can't help regarding that. The best I can do there is to refer you to the many tips from our TM guru Pondini:




    I don't know if you can "clone" your TM backup, but at least you should be able to copy it.


    As for a bootable clone: you need an external hard drive or an empty partition on one, formatted as Mac OS Extended (Journaled) and the GUID Partition scheme (to make it bootable). And, you need either CCC or SuperDuper to make a bootable clone. Then you simply clone your internal system to the partition you've chosen. When done, simply test the clone by choosing to restart from it (System Prefs > Startup Disk); if it works, boot back into the internal and you're done.


    When you want to use DW, boot into the external, launch DW and run it on the internal.

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    babowa, I was slow & insufficiently coordinated.  If there's a way I can check 'this solved my question' (for points purposes), please let me know.  That's what I meant.  Sorry & thanks.

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    Not to worry: you did. You marked leroydouglas' answer as having solved your question... there is always only one "solved" available, and two helpfuls.

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    Live & learn…hopefully…


    Thanks again — your answers on so many other topics have helped me so much.  Thanks, Susan

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    You're very welcome - that's why we're here!