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Simon Meyer Level 1 Level 1 (75 points)
Are they displaying them Mac Shops yet?

MBP 2.0.g x2 non-glossy (both defective), Mac OS X (10.4.6)
  • ssj4finalflash Level 1 Level 1 (25 points)
    Not that I've seen, but judging from the Macbook Regular, I'd rather have a matte screen. The glare is too significant, I'm glad it's an option on the Pro series machines.
  • FrenchQuarter Level 1 Level 1 (45 points)
    I saw the glossy screen of MB at the Apple store in Long Island this morning. This might be of a matter of personal preference. However, the glossy screen gave me almost instant headache. Some of those who have seen MB said there was no reflection. There IS. I even always keep the contrast of my MBP matte display minimum.

    Some folks might be immune from such problem. For the people who read a lot of documents and/or are sensitive like me, matte display is a better choice.

    Prospective purchasers who have not used the glossy screen need to check it out before choosing the glossy LCD option.
  • SmileyDan Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Yes i have seen the Light! oopps i mean light reflected from the glossy screens, there where around 10 macbook's on display in Regent street London this afternoon. i got a quick look at the black and white machines; as it was hard because people where flockin them like Pigeon to seed. the machines are an excellent replacement to the ibook, and are extream value for money! however ill keep my macbook which i used in store to drive a 30 inch display playing doom! yay
    the black macbook is probably going to be more scratch resistant than the white as it has a matt finish on the body. (scratch wise i think these machines are going to be "ipod nano's" all over again.
  • SmileyDan Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    sorry my mistake, i wrote this for the macbook, not (pro)
  • Heshion Level 1 Level 1 (50 points)
    Simon, I have. I had immediately switched my 17" order to add the glossy screen. Then I went in to my local store and looked at the glossy MacBooks. After looking from all angles, they are more vivid color-wise. The regular blue swirl wallpaper looked deep blue and very colorful. BUT, there was significant reflections as well.

    I called in and changed my order BACK to matte finish - and delayed my ship-date yet once again. lol Live and learn.
  • SmileyDan Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Good choice! imagin what would happen when u close the macbook pro and the buttons grate across the glossy screen?.....

    A nightmare waiting to happen if u ask me.

    You can only really use it when its dark, as sunlight creates very bad reflections (any light for that matter)
    So ask yourself who uses a portable mostly at night? A person asking to be robbed?
    You Might aswell get a desktop instead, im sure the imac has a glossy screen.
  • SILVACO Level 3 Level 3 (770 points)
    BUMP...has anyone else seen the glossy screen still debating>>??
  • Willett Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)
    I always liked the glossy screen, but having used the matt finished screen I have chosen this as my preference - no glare, I got tired of seeing myself!
  • user_23 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    The glossy screen is amazing. There is simply no comparison to a matte screen - at all.

    I'm a pro user who specializes in high-end color correction/graphic work for a major market newspaper & I am also utterly, absurdly picky about my visual environment. Unless you plan on taking your glossy screen notebook to the beach, the glossy screen is the way to go.
  • hey underpants Level 1 Level 1 (55 points)
    As a photo-editor, this makes me happy, and very sad.
  • SILVACO Level 3 Level 3 (770 points)
    As a photo-editor, this makes me happy, and very sad.

    im in the same boat..very funny..and thank you
  • Aelder Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    I just ordered my MacBook Pro a few days ago when the glossy became an option.

    I'm coming from a 17 inch Dell 9300 with a glossy screen, which I love.

    I do a lot of design and photography. I love the glossy screens for the color and contrast. The reflections don't bother me at all.

    Funny thing, I like to look at photos on glossy screens but I only print in matte and can't stand glossy prints. Go figure.

    When I'm at home I use a 20inch matte flat panel which I don't mind either.

    The glossy screens are just great eye candy.
  • Simon Meyer Level 1 Level 1 (75 points)
    Could you send in a report once it arrives? I'd be interested to hear how it compares to the Dell 9300 screen. I know someone with that same machine - thanks.
  • SILVACO Level 3 Level 3 (770 points)
    bump...anyone else??
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