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Hi guys,


I have a mid 2012 15" MBP and it has an intermittent issue that is driving me insane. I have done quite lot or research here and pretty much everywhere else and it is definitely NOT an uncommon problem.


After the MBP wakes from sleep sometimes I get a garbled screen. The graphics subsystem seems to be working as I can take screenshots of what I am seeing on the screen. Here are two screenshots:


Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 04.32.14.pngScreen Shot 2013-02-25 at 04.32.01.png


On YouTube I have found people who are also experiencing similar issues with their MBP. Here are two links:



I have automatic graphics switching enabled and in the system.log files I always see the following two messages when this happens.


SystemUIServer[2689]: *** WARNING: -[NSImage compositeToPoint:fromRect:operation:fraction:] is deprecated in MacOSX 10.8 and later. Please use -[NSImage drawAtPoint:fromRect:operation:fraction:] instead.

CVMServer[77]: Check-in to the service com.apple.cvmsCompAgent_x86_64 failed. This is likely because you have either unloaded the job or the MachService has the ResetAtClose attribute specified in the launchd.plist. If present, this attribute should be removed.



This looks related to the OpenGL framework and the compositor screwing up. I only encounter this issue with sleep/wake pattern. It is intermittent and I cannot, for love nor moeny figure out what's causing this. Neither can I see a pattern. Has anybody come across this? Is it likely to be an issue with the GPU? There is a case open with Apple Support at the moment but I am not sure much will come out of it.


I left the computer with Genius Bar bods and then called me to say that their extended super duper hardware diagnostics found no fault including the upgraded 16 gb RAM (bought from Crucial). I am slightly reluctant to have the logic board replaced just for the sake of it without establishing if it is a hardware fault.


Any ideas/advice folks...?


Many thanks,



MacBook Pro (15-inch, Mid 2012), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)