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I lost my Calendar entries on my MacBook after trying to sync with icloud. Now my calendar is empty, except for the birthday entries, on both my MacBook and icloud.


I have a Time Machine backup of my entire MacBook hard drive on a separate external hard drive.


My ".icbu" backup file I made on my MacBook in Calendar > Export > Calendar Archive is too old to be used to restore my Calendar data base. My bad.


Question: Where does my original Calendar data base file live on my MacBook?


Goal: I want to go into my MacBook Time Machine backup, find my Calendar database file that was had all my entries before I lost it, then replace my current empty Calendar database with the Time Machine backup with the old Calendar database that contained my historical calendar entries.


Thanks for your help!

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    The calendar data is under your User's Library folder, in a folder called Calendars. Restore that folder from Time Machine. (Click the Go menu in the Finder and press the Option key to make your user's Library folder show up in the menu.)


    I would turn off Calendar & Reminders syncing in System Preferences > iCloud before doing this.


    Once you have restored the folder, backup you calendars by exporting each one, the instructions are on this page: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4910.  When you try to sync iCloud is likely to overwrite your local copy again. Then turn on iCloud syncing. You may need to re-import your backed up calendars into iCal.


    Best wishes

    John M

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    Thanks John,


    I got into this mess by turning on iCloud, next I have all kinds of duplicates, so I downloaded your software and deleted them but after a minute they popped back in again.


    I have turned off iCloud on my mac and iPhone so won't use that again.


    Now when I try to back up with my TM I get a message like this.


    "The backup disk image “/Volumes/Larry Browning's Time Capsu/Larry Browning’s MacBook (7).sparsebundle” is already in use."


    So apparently iCloud has messed with my TM back up also. I guess I have to post a message on another part of this forum to find out how to fix the message I'm receiving.


    Again Thanks

    Donaton on its' way


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    Hi Larry,


    I guess you're referring to my application iCal Dupe Deleter. iCloud seems to over write the deletions it makes. I reccommend that if you're using iCloud you should move the calendars to the "On My Mac" section, before dupe dleting them. If you'd like details of how to do that let me know.


    When do you get the error related to the Time Machine backup? How are you accessing it? Have you tried to reboot your computer before trying again?


    I wouldn't send me a donation unless the application helped you.


    Best wishes

    John M

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    I have it set up to use wifi and has worked flawlessly your years. It's a 2 TB disc so space shouldn't be an issue.

    I have reconnected several times

    I have repaired permissions on my main drive

    I have turned my mac off and back on several times


    I can enter time machine but can't access previous days/months

    When I try I get a finder popping up indicating a message with this message "An unexpected error occurred (error code -6584)"


    My incling is to delete the TM in airport and re-establish it.


    Or delete the sparse bundle and let the mac rebuild it.


    I won't do either until I hear from you or someone else that one of these will work.


    Thanks John and I did get rid  of my duplicates and your software helped me. (once I got iCloud turned off)


    Just tried to Sync my iPhone with my mac and used the selected calendar function.

    Got another error message that "Calendars could not be synced due to an error while tyring to do this." (no real message just this parapharsed.)


    All this because I wanted to try iCloud bummer!

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    I solved my problem by doing this


    I hit the reset button on my TM which requered me to set the system up again.


    All is well now.



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    Glad to hear it.

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    Well I spoke a little too soon.

    When syncing my mac to my iPhone is says it can't sync the calendars due to an error while trying to do so.


    No error code etc.


    Any ideas there?


    Calendars are all named the same, actually only have one named Calendar and my reminders plus a birthday calendar.