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Hi folks,

Sometime in the last week, I stumbled onto a menu that had a huge number of alternate tunings for some kind of Mainstage instrument.  But now I can't remember where I saw this.  In particular, I'd like to compare the normal well-tempered scale that we all use to the pythagorean scale and others.  Anyone out there know how to do this?




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    Select the Patch in the Patch list, and have a look in the Patch Inspector under the Tuning Tab. Some options will add and extra menu, such as "Fixed Tuning"




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    Thanks!  That's a start.  I could use the User Tuning option to recreate a pythagorean scale (this is for a demonstration of the difference between well-tempered and pythagorean scales I'm doing for a music class).....but I'm sure I saw a menu somewhere that had about 40 different scales to choose from.  It must have been a menu within one of the individual software instruments, either the ESX24, the ES2 or the clavinet emulator thing (whose name I forget).  I'll keep looking, but nice to know there's another option.

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    I just looked again, and found the menu with the zillions of scales- it was under "fixed tunings", right where you said it would be.  Thanks again!