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By this "complete" uninstall, will I lose all my library data of mp3s? Meaning will I have to drag and drop all my files into Itunes again? I have over 10K files.

Windows 7
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    From the Notes section in the article you cited:



    • iTunes Store purchases or songs imported from CDs are saved in your My  Music folder by default and are not deleted by removing iTunes. While it  is highly unlikely that you will lose any contents of your iTunes  Library when following these steps, it is always a good idea to ensure  that your iTunes library is backed up. If you're unsure how to backup, see iTunes: Back up your iTunes library by copying to an external hard drive.





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    Thanks for the quick reply, I've checked the Itunes folder in My Music folder, however the size of that folder is 3.83 GB. My whole Itunes library is 150 GB. I manually drag songs to Itunes and to my Iphone which might be a reason why its not everything is in that folder?


    I rather not solidate everything because that will double the size of each file, and I currently don't have enough room for that.

    The way I back up files is by pressing CTRL + A. Once everything is selected I drag it to an external hard drive. My final question is: Will those copies bring the ID3 tag of "Date Added" of my previous Itunes? That's how I organize my stuff.


    Thanks again!

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    Hi Drasen,


    Sorry, don't know the answer to your question. Since you posted this in the iTunes forum, hopefully one of the iTunes gurus will see your question and be able to provide the answer!


    Best of luck!