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There're so many errors and bugs, please redo it from the start an do it right. Don't you have enough resources?


Have you guys seen how many discussions are about iCal, Calendar and iCloud, sync service, '403 error', 'There was an unexpected error with the request (domain (null) / error 0)', 'The server responded: “403” to operation CalDAVWriteEntityQueueableOperation' , etc, etc.??


Don't you think is enough? At least Mobil me used to work fine..


I don't want to offend anybody but I bet there are some users out there sick and tired of these things...

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    I'm going to pile on to the iCloud iCal and Reminders implimentation.  I'm still using Snow Leopard so I did a work around with setting iCloud up as a CalDav account.  But why is it that between my iPhone, iPad, iCloud.com and my MacBook Pro that iCal on my MacBook is the only place where I can see my events and ToDos on the same screen?  I can almost understand on the iPhone, but with the iPad and iCloud interface there is plenty of real estate.


    I don't know how any body can use the iOS and iCloud tools to effectively manage thier schedules.  As it is I am using third party iOS apps and google calendars and tasks.