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I recently updated to the lastest software version on my Apple TV (latest model) and since then a good portion of my movie files have serious audio sync issues. I also just updated to the latest version of itunes on my Mac Mini. I am using home sharing to share my movie collection. All of the movies play perfectly on my mac mini without any audio sync issues but when i try them on my Apple TV its horrible and unwatchable. Any ideas? Is there a way to roll back to a previous software version on the Apple TV? Please advise. Also, all of my movies are legit ripped copies of DVD's and Blu Rays that I own. The issue is happening to random movies some HD and some SD

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    The problem is almost certainly your conversions.


    Regardless of your opinion of such matters, discussion about methods for circumventing copy protection are not permitted here under the Terms of Use for these communities. We are unable to help you further.

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    it is not my conversions. The files all play perfectly in itunes on my mac mini and as a test I moved my Apple TV to my basement and I used a wired connection instead of wifi and it is working now; all files. I believe that the new software updated did something to the wifi and this is the issue. I never had any problems before the update and I get excellent wifi signal where I had my Apple TV before. All my problems have been since the stupid update.