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iCal is not syncing between my Apple desktop (mainly my iMac) and handheld (mainly my iPhone).


From within iTunes, it appears that it is syncing – the right selections are made, it is listed as the sync occurs.  But schedule items do not get synced from my iPhone to my iMac’s desktop.


But I’m suspicious as to the cause.  I recall receiving a dialog box a few days ago indicating that I had a large number of conflicts during my last sync operation.  I was too busy/tired at the time to go through the 194 that iTunes listed for me!


I have a feeling the two things are connected; however, I cannot find a way to get at that list of conflicts to resolve them.  If I could, I have a feeling that it might resolve the logjam problem you and I both have.


Does anyone know how to get at the list of iCal synchronization conflicts from the last sync operation?


I've searched and searched, and Apple documentation is very thin on this topic.  (Although, curiously, they seem to have more documentation oriented towards Windows users, than those of us who are completely Apple customers -- iPods, iPhones, Macbooks, iMacs, even Airport Extreme and Express).


btw, I'm not using iCloud.  This is simple, straightforward device syncing with the mother ship.  It's stopped, and that's never good when you use your calendar all day long, sometimes on the desktop and sometimes on the handheld.

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    I did some more research today and discovered some Apple docs that helped.  I now have it fully resolved and up & functioning again.  I did lose the changes I'd made in my iPhone's calendar, since mid-week, as it defaulted back to my iMac's iCal.  But it's only a few days of changes, so better that I lost that and have it working again, than not be able to sync on a daily basis.


    Here's what I found via iCal Help: "Sync Services: Advanced troubleshooting for contact and calendar syncing".


    I followed those instructions, and once I'd reset sync history, all I had to do was resolve the outstanding 1140 conflicts.  It started with 840, which I resolved easily & quickly by selecting the checkbox that applied the same resolution to similar conflicts.  Then I had a few I had to handle indiviually.  Then the remainder of the 1140 showed up and I treated them like the first 840.


    Hope this resolution helps someone else, too.  It took me awhile to find.


    Cheers, John

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    Well ... the problem started again today!


    So I had 3 days when my calendar stopped syncing -- those were very bad days, as a result!  Then it synced when I followed the above procedure.


    Now that I'm back to work from the weekend, the problem is back!


    What has caused this problem to to start?  Is there a bug with the latest iOS?  Or is it a bug with the latest iTunes?  Maybe I should not have upgraded either until I'd heard about the fall-out!


    Either way, I'm now in trouble -- if my calendars don't sync, it is a big problem for me!

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    I have further information about this.


    It syncs successfully down to the (iPhone) handheld but not up to the main (iMac) computing platform.

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    I am having the same problem.  I have tried all the troubleshooting suggestions.  They havent' worked either. I can't get my iCal phone app to download it's info to my Mac iCal and now I am starting to worry that I will miss important meetings and appointments. Arrgh!

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    Dear BigMacUser,


    I have a similar issue. I'm syncing an IPod Touch with a MacBook Pro (10.6.8) and out of the blue one day I get hundreds of conflicts. I followed the instructions on several Apple and community pages (resetting sync history, deleting files in the Cache folder, etc.) and while the sync works, since this happened my iPod has become filled to capacity (it was about 1/3 full before this happened). So now several functions are compromised and I'm betting what's filling it is a bunch of duplicate of junk calendar entries...


    If you have any tips, please, let me know. Thanks,